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Wavy Remy Hair Extension

Wavy Remy Hair Extension

Tips to choose the wavy hair extensions

Adding extensions to your hair can be easy if you know which kind of hair extension suits you. Wavy hair extensions are really an exciting way to add grace and length to your hair. Women all over the world are switching to wavy hair extensions and they are achieving amazing results. We have a beautiful range of wavy clip in extensions which are of excellent quality and are made of 100% human hair. Our products have great resistance to shedding and tangles. All our extensions are made in such a way that it will blend with your natural hair and we have the clips in it which will serve as a secure hold.

Do they lose their wave after wash?

Usually wavy hair does not completely get straight, after wash. After washing your wavy hair extensions you need to curl them a bit as they get uneven after wash. This would help you extensions to get back to their real form. This complete process is not completely difficult, it could be easily done with little effort. Most of the synthetic hair extensions need much care and time to time washing. It is just that you need to wash them properly and re-wave it as and when needed.

Tips for washing wavy hair extensions:

  • People with wavy hair extension need to spray a littlewater at the ends of the hair to make the frizziness little calm and smooth.
  • If the ends are really getting bad, then you can useconditioner to straighten it
  • Always make sure that you use your finger to comb theends of your hair extension
  • Avoid using lots of hair accessories
  •  While washing the wavy hair extension use a very mildshampoo and lukewarm water
  • Rinse your hair very well
  •  Allow your hair to dry naturally
  • One the hair gets dry, comb it using your finger, butavoid doing that when your hair is still wet
  • Do not forget to cover your hair when you sleep

Tips for washing human hair extensions:

  • Human hairrequires much different care as compared to other kind of hair
  • Same as thesynthetic hair if you find your curls are getting frizzy then spray a littlewater on them
  • To make themsoft and manageable, use conditioner
  • Finger rubyour hair to keep it free from tangling
  • If they stilllook dull you can use polishing mist to boost up the shine
  • Use mildshampoo for washing them
  • Do not try tocomb them not even with finger
  • Let them drynaturally and then comb with fingers to remove the tangles

If you use wavy hair extensions or you use wavy clip in extensions you really need to take good care of both of them. They need much care as compared to natural hair.

Indian Remy hair extension is much in demand these days because of its unbeatable quality. It is very much liked by all our customers and it is quite easy to use. When it comes it the maintenance it needs much care and smooth and careful handling.

We provide the best quality of Wavy Remy Hair Extension. Our Wavy virgin Remy hair extensions are of the best quality, Wavy Remy hair extension in 26 inch, You should use Wavy Remy Hair Extension made from human hair to give your hair that natural look and they are not very expensive. These are very popular in India. This Wavy Remy Hair Extension comes in different sizes and different colors. This Wavy Remy Hair Extension helped you look gorgeous.

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